The Farmhouse in the Wheatfield

The Farmhouse in the Wheatfield

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12th of May 1888
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Done in a mistral along with A Lane near Arles – note similarity in sky brushstrokes denoting wind?  different colors same strokes and pattern?

This painting can be viewed at the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam today



“I’ve had a letter from Russell, who has bought a Guillaumin and 2 or 3 Bernards.  I’m extremely pleased about that, he also writes that he’ll exchange studies with me.
I wouldn’t be afraid of anything unless it was this bloody health. And yet I’m better than in Paris, and if my stomach has become terribly weak that’s a problem I picked up there, probably due mainly to the bad wine, of which I drank too much. Here the wine is just as bad, but I only drink very little of it. And so the fact is that as I hardly eat and hardly drink I’m very weak, but my blood is improving instead of being ruined. So once again, it’s patience I need in the circumstances, and perseverance.
Having received the absorbent canvas, I’m starting these days a new no. 30 canvas that I hope will be better than the others.”

To Theo. Arles, Tuesday, 1 May 1888




“My dear pal, I would have written to you sooner, only have had quite a few things on my hands; I’ve sent a first batch of studies to my brother is one, I’ve had trouble with my health is two, and three is that I’ve rented a house painted yellow outside, whitewashed inside, in the full sun (4 rooms).
With all that, new studies on the go. And in the evening I was often too numbed to write.  That’s why my reply was delayed.

To Emile Bernard. Arles, on or about Tuesday, 22 May 1888




I’m quite curious to know what you’ve done lately; I’m still doing landscapes, croquis enclosed.  I’d very much like to see Africa too, but I hardly make any firm plans for the future, it will depend on circumstances. What I’d like to know is the effect of a more intense blue in the sky.
Fromentin and Gérôme see the earth in the south as colourless, and a whole lot of people saw it that way. My God, yes, if you take dry sand in your hand and if you look at it closely. Water, too, air, too, considered this way, are colourless. No blue without yellow and without orange, and if you do blue, then do yellow and orange as well, surely. Ah well, you’ll tell me that I write you nothing but banalities.
Handshake in thought.
Ever yours,

To Emile Bernard. Arles, on or about Thursday, 7 June 1888




Painting, Oil on Canvas – 45 x 50 cm – Size 10 carre’
Arles, France: May 12, 1888
Van Gogh Museum
Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Europe
F: 408, JH: 1417

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