Trunk of an Old Yew Tree

Trunk of an Old Yew Tree

"Then I did another study of ploughed field with the stump of an old yew." To Theo. Arles, Saturday, 27 or Sunday, 28 October 1888
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26th of October 1888
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Vincent will also paint same wheat field beyond the Yew Tree in another work.  The site is on the road to montmajour, now the D17 just outside of Arles.  Gauguin has just arrived over the past few days and has moved in at the Yellow House after a month of anticipation and preparation on Vincent’s part.  Vincent takes Gauguin on the walks to the surrounding countryside with which he is now very familiar.  He is eager to show Gauguin what he has found in views that capture the essence of provence and to talk endlessly about his passionate views on color and brushstroke.  They will get along for the first month, then experience frustration with one another in the second month and finally, in the first few weeks of month three of living and work together, the strain boils over and Gauguin leaves.
“I did know that Gauguin had travelled, but I didn’t know he was a real seaman; he’s been through all the difficulties, he was a real topman on the topmast and a real sailor. That gives me a tremendous respect for him, and an even more absolute confidence in his personality. He has — if he’s to be compared with something — links with those Iceland fishermen of Loti’s. I believe that it’ll make the same impression on you as on me.  Now we’ve done some work already, of course; he has a negress on the go, and a big landscape of this region.  What he tells me about Brittany is very interesting, and Pont-Aven is a quite amazing part of the world. Of course, everything there is better, bigger, more beautiful than here. Of a more solemn character, and above all more of a whole and more defined than the small, stunted, scorched countryside of Provence. Be that as it may, he, like me, nevertheless likes what he sees, and is particularly intrigued by the Arlésiennes.  This week I did a new study of a sower; the landscape utterly flat, the figure small and blurred.
Then I did another study of ploughed field with the stump of an old yew.

To Theo. Arles, Saturday, 27 or Sunday, 28 October 1888″



Painting, Oil on Canvas – 91 x 71 cm – size 30 figure
Arles: October 26, 1888
Helly Nahmad Gallery
London, United Kingdom, Europe
F: 573, JH: 1618

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