Les Alyscamps – Leaf Fall

Les Alyscamps – Leaf Fall

"I’ve done two canvases of a leaf-fall, which Gauguin liked I think..."
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1st of November 1888
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“I’ve done two canvases of a leaf-fall, which Gauguin liked I think…”

To Theo. Arles, on or about Saturday, 3 November 1888


Gauguin has been living in the Yellow House for a little over a week.  He also paints the Alyscamps and his view of the Cafe Gare at Night with Madame Ginoux in the foreground.

Painting, Oil on Canvas – 72 x 91 cm – Size 30 Figure
Arles: November 1, 1888
Tate Gallery
London, United Kingdom, Europe
F: 487, JH: 1621

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