The Pink Peach Tree

The Pink Peach Tree

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Painting Date
30th of November -0001
Painting Type
Orchard Seasonal Spring
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My dear Theo,
It’s awfully good of you to have sent me the complete order of colours,1 I’ve just received them but haven’t yet had the time to check them. I’m so pleased about it. Today has been a good day too. This morning I worked on an orchard of plum trees in blossom2 — suddenly a tremendous wind began to blow, an effect I’d only ever seen here — and came back again at intervals. In the intervals, sunshine that made all the little white flowers sparkle. It was so beautiful! My friend the Dane3 came to join me, and at risk and peril every moment of seeing the whole lot of it on the ground I carried on painting — in this white effect there’s a lot of yellow with blue and lilac, the sky is white and blue. But as for the execution of what we do out of doors like this, what will they say? Well, let’s wait and see.  1v:2
So, after supper I started on the same painting I intend for Tersteeg, ‘The Langlois bridge’, for you.4 And I’d really like to make a repetition of that one for Jet Mauve too,5because since I’m spending so much we mustn’t lose sight of the fact that we’ve got to try to get some back, of this money that’s quickly slipping away.

To Theo. Arles, on or about Wednesday, 11 April 1888


To Theo. Arles, on or about Friday, 13 April 1888


Painting, Oil on Canvas
Arles: April – May, 1888
Van Gogh Museum
Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Europe
F: ;404, ;JH: ;1391

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