Apricot Trees in Blossom

Apricot Trees in Blossom

Painting Date
12th of March 1888
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First of two canvases from a similar perspective.  The second, “Peach Trees in Blossom” changes the view slightly and is meant as a third of a triptych to hang alongside “Orchard Surrounded by Cypresses”.
When a man comes out of prison after having spent a long time there, there are times when he even misses prison, because he feels disoriented once he’s at liberty, probably so called because the exhausting daily task of earning one’s living leaves one hardly any liberty. But you know all that. You’ll certainly regret some things without choosing to, even while you gain others.
I have 10 orchards now, not counting three small studies and a large one of a cherry tree that I worked to death.7
When will you be back, and what to do about the definitive consignment? Because now I have to change subjects, the orchards having mostly lost their blossom. So these orchards with the Langlois bridge 8 form a first series.  1r:4
If you prefer them to continue to dry here, that’s not bad perhaps. At the moment they’re on a covered terrace to dry.9

To Theo van Gogh. Arles, on or about Friday, 20 April 1888.

7. These ten orchards are Pink peach trees (F 404 / JH 1391 [2588]), The pink orchard (F 555 / JH 1380 [2578]), The white orchard (F 403 / JH 1378 [2576]), Small pear tree in blossom (F 405 / JH 1394 [2590]), Orchard with apricot trees in blossom (F 553 / JH 1387 [2585]), Orchard with apricot trees in blossom (F 556 / JH 1383 [2581]), Orchard bordered by cypresses (F 513 / JH 1389 [2587]), Orchard with peach trees in blossom (F 551 / JH 1396 [2591]), Orchard (F 552 / JH 1381 [2579]) and Orchard with pear trees in blossom (F 406 / JH 1399 [2594]). Cf. also letter 597.
The three small studies are Orchard bordered by cypresses (F 554 / JH 1388 [2586]), Almond tree in blossom (F 557 / JH 1397 [2592]) and Peach tree in blossom (F 399 / JH 1398 [0]). They measure 32 x 40 cm, 48.5 x 38 cm and 41 x 33 cm respectively.
The ‘large one of a cherry tree that I worked to death’ has not survived; Van Gogh described the work in letter 599 to Bernard.


Painting, Oil on Canvas
Arles, France: April 19, 1888
Collection Continental Art Holdings, Ltd.
Johannesburg, South Africa, Africa
F: 399, JH: 1398


41 x 33cm – size 6 figure

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