Bois de Boulogne with People Walking, The

Bois de Boulogne with People Walking, The

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11th of August 2014
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A view of a park called the Bois de Boulogne on the western outskirts of Paris near Auteuil at a great bend in Seine. The park is painted in a more summer/autumnal setting under a bright blue sky with clouds of thickly stroked white. Sunlight shining in breaks amongst the trees lends depth to the perspective and draws the viewer deeper through faceless couples and groups, all seen from an impressionistic distance. The same khakis and browns are used in both the treetops and the footpaths and a brick red hue is shared between the distant tree leaves and the buildings forming the horizon.


Painting, Oil on Canvas
Paris, France: Summer, 1886
Noro Foundation
Cura§ao, Netherlands Antilles, North America
F: 225, JH: 1110

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