Exterior of a Restaurant at Asnieres

Exterior of a Restaurant at Asnieres

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14th of August 2014
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Vincent painted this very yellow restaurant exterior in the summer of 1887 on the streets of Asnieres Sur Seine, a suburb of Paris.  With some soft greens and a sprinkling of reds in a bush at center left, Vincent creates a feel for midday in the summer in Asnieres.  The same greens of the small potted trees and their containers are replicated in the open shutters of the curbside restaurant.  This location and painting are referred to as a restaurant in Asnieres but it may also be:  Ancienne Mairie D’Asnieres – See related image and how similar doorway and shutters are — Before 1822 Asnieres knows no communal house, the mayors home by acting. Annex buildings are then used, and abandoned on measuring the increase in population. It was not until 1875 that the city buys the property of Mr. Vanin Courville, former magistrate died the previous year. The central building is the oldest, dating back to the eighteenth century. The set serves as the administrative center but despite a development conducted in 1893, it again proves too small.

courtesy of van gogh museum: http://www.vangoghmuseum.nl/vgm/index.jsp?page=2021&lang=en

This is a simple composition painted in a limited range of summer colors. The green of the shutters returns in the plant-containers, and the yellow wall gives way to the yellow of the paving. There is no shade: this is the middle of the day. There is no trace of an inscription or sign, but the door — invitingly open — and also the plants and the outside table all suggest this may be a restaurant.  (Mairie D’Asnieres Sur Seine)

During the summer of 1887, Van Gogh often worked in the open air in Asnieres, a Parisian suburb lying within walking distance of his flat in Montmartre. Once there, he painted bridges, parks, cafes, boats and the river Seine with his compatriots Emile Bernard and Paul Signac as they explored divisionism or pointillism and impressionism and Bernard searched for cloissonism as Vincent similarly worked with color combination and brushstroke to exude emotion in his pieces.

Painting, Oil on Canvas
Paris, France: Summer, 1887
Van Gogh Museum
Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Europe
F: 321, JH: 1311

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