Four Cut Sunflowers

Four Cut Sunflowers

Painting Date
31st of August 1887
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Vincent rarely included sunflowers in the bouquets he painted in Paris, but late in the summer of 1887, he used the cut heads of several blooms as subjects for still lifes. The desire to study color seems to have inspired these works. In Sunflowers, Vincent varied the yellows from pale citron to deep ocher, with the stems, centers, and brighter grasslike strokes in the background making a vibrant contrast. He painted the ragged petals and the twisted stems with a vigorous impasto, suggesting the robust quality of the flower.


Painting, Oil on Canvas
Paris, France: August – September, 1887
Kröller-Müller Museum
Otterlo, The Netherlands, Europe
F: 452, JH: 1330

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