The Green Parrot

The Green Parrot

"I saw a few paintings bought for the Musée Moderne........ There you have some very famous Rubens — Virgin with the parrot" To Theo. Antwerp, on or about Saturday, 2 January 1886
Painting Date
15th of October 1886
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Not written about specifically, difficult to precisely date.
“I saw a few paintings bought for the Musée Moderne, Verhas and Farasyn. Verhas, ladies riding on donkeys and fisher boys on the beach. Farasyn, a large thing of the old Antwerp Fish Market.  Also an Emile Wauters — Cairo or somewhere, a marketplace. The Verhas works well, is a clever painting, in any event daring, with colours in a light spectrum, several fine combinations, including a figure in orange against light blue, light green and white.  I’m still working on my portraits — and at last I’ve got two that are definitely ‘like’, a profile and a 3/4  That’s not everything, that’s not even the most important thing. All the same, it’s worth my while to seek it, and perhaps it helps one learn how to draw. Besides, I’m beginning to like portraits more and more. There you have some very famous Rubens — Virgin with the parrot”

To Theo. Antwerp, on or about Saturday, 2 January 1886

Painting, Oil on Canvas on panel
Paris, France: Autumn, 1886
Private collection
F: 14, JH: 1193

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