Interior of a Restaurant

Interior of a Restaurant

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1st of July 1887
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This depiction of a restaurant interior with paintings arranged on the walls is probably the restaurant Grand Bouillon. A few months after painting this piece, Vincent held an exhibition of painters of the “petit boulevard” (as opposed to the accepted impressionists of the “Grand Boulevard” like Monet, Degas, Manet and other early impressionists whose paintings were in demand and in vogue).  This painting, created in early summer of 1887 is one of Vincent’s most pointillist efforts and along with the related item, a painting of the outskirts near Clichy both and show the influence of Paul Signac, a divisionist with whom Vincent painted in and around Asnieres for several months.

In November-December 1887, Van Gogh organized an exhibition of painters of the ‘Petit Boulevard’ – AnquetinBernardKoningToulouse-Lautrec and himself – in Grand Bouillon-Restaurant du Chalet, 43, avenue de Clichy. See exhib. cat. Paris 1988, p. 33. For the ‘Petit Boulevard’ see letter 584, n. 6. According to Bernard, the show was ‘an endeavour on Van Gogh’s part alone’ (une tentative de Van Gogh seul). See Bernard 1994, vol. 1, p. 242.

Bernard wrote about the room: ‘The room referred to here is the dining-room of a working-class restaurant on avenue de Clichy, whose owner Vincent had won over, and which he had turned into an exhibition of our paintings. Unfortunately, this socialist exhibition of our inflammatory canvases came to a rather sorry end. There was a violent altercation between the owner and Vincent, which made Vincent decide to take a hand-barrow without delay and cart the whole exhibition to his studio in rue Lepic. Obviously, the art of the Petit Boulevard had not been understood by its Barnum.’ (La salle dont il est question ici est celle d’un restaurant populaire de l’avenue de Clichy dont Vincent avait conquis le patron et qu’il avait transformée en exposition de nos tableaux. Par malheur, cette exhibition socialiste de nos toiles incendiaires se termina assez piteusement. Il y eut une altercation violente entre le patron et Vincent, ce qui décida ce dernier à prendre sans retard une charette à bras et à porter toute l’exposition à son atelier de la rue Lepic. Evidemment l’art du petit boulevard n’avait pas été compris de son barnum). See Lettres à Bernard 1911, p. 75.


Painting, Oil on Canvas
Paris: June – July, 1887
Kröller-Müller Museum
Otterlo, The Netherlands, Europe
F: 342, JH: 1256

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