Lane at the Jardin du Luxembourg

Lane at the Jardin du Luxembourg

Painting Date
30th of June 1886
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A view of passers by on a tree lined path at the garden of luxembourg near the Seine in Central Paris. Vincent is beginning to introduce a lighter and more colorful palette in this spring of 1886 and this is one of few paintings of a landscape in Central Paris created by Vincent.

Lane at the Jardin du Luxembourg is situated in the gardens of the Palais Luxembourg. The Palais Luxembourg was built in 1615 for Marie de’ Medici, widow of Henry IV, on the grounds of the mansion of Duke Fran§ois de Luxembourg that she purchased in 1612. She did not feel at home at the Louvre and desired to lived in a place that reminded her of her homeland, Florence. During the Revolution the palace was overtaken and became a state prison. In 1795 it became the site of the first Directory and then the seat of the senate for Napoleon. The Luxembourg Gardens are now a public park and a place of respite for residents and visitors of Paris. Among the treed grounds are fountains and statues. [15] Art and history of Paris and Versailles. Florence: Casa Editrice Bonechi. 1996. p. 146. ISBN 978-88-8029-651-5.

The painting also named Terrace in the Luxembourg Garden depicts a spring day in the park. Here Van Gogh has begun to leverage what he has learned about modern art, color and light. Thick brushstrokes foretell his evolving style. The remoteness with which the painting was made is typical of an Impressionist’s approach.[16] Facos, M (2011). An Introduction to Nineteenth-Century Art. New York and Abingdon: Routledge. p. 366. ISBN 978-0-415-78070-4.


Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute
Williamstown, Massachusetts, United States of America, North America

Painting, Oil on Canvas
Paris: June – July, 1886
F: 223, JH: 1111

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