Orchard White Blossoms and Violet Branches

Orchard White Blossoms and Violet Branches

Painting Date
17th of April 1888
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Drawing is first of orchards in Arles in spring of 1888 – probably mid to late march based on foliage and known weather that spring in Arles.  The painting and drawing may be from a similar or 180 degree perspective, it is tough to tell.


“You can see from the four squares on the other side that the three orchards go together, more or less. I now also have a small pear tree, vertical, also flanked by two other horizontal canvases. That will make 6 canvases of orchards in blossom.  At the moment I’m trying to finish them a little every day, and to make them go together.  I dare hope for 3 more, also going together, but those are still only in the state of embryos or fetuses.  I’d really like to do this group of 9 canvases.”

To Theo van Gogh. Arles, on or about Friday, 13 April 1888


Painting, Oil on Canvas
Arles: April 17, 1888
The Metropolitan Museum of Art
New York, New York, United States of America, North America
F: 552, JH: 1381

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