On the Outskirts of Paris

On the Outskirts of Paris

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15th of May 1887
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Very pointillist for Vincent, he has been impressed with Seurat and Signac and Pissarro and the other divisionists.  He once again selects that fringe of the city now encroaching on the farmlands as the industrial age drives expansion towards the suburbs of Paris.  Vincent felt peasants and their work to be more interesting than the iron and steel being forged and riveted.  He follows one of his heroes in Millet and seeks to depict the man of the soil with honor and feeling.

In this work, he varies his brushstroke from dashes to dots to broad strokes and fills two thirds of the canvas with a brilliant blue spring sky composed of both dots and large dashes and Signac’s favorite white to lighten.  While he never writes specifically of this piece, we can deduce it is somewhere in the Asnieres/Clichy/Gennevilliers vicinity.  A solitary figure at low center pokes her head above the horizon as she glides beneath a full length skirt in ochre.  Spring has sprung in Paris and Vincent captures the lightness of a spring stroll down an uncrowded avenue of cobbles.  Pointillism with a heavy infusion of Japonaisarie, Vincent seeks the colors of the south and Japan in his portrayal.


Painting, Oil on Canvas – 38 x 46 cm
Paris: Spring, 1887
Private collection
F: 351, JH: 1255

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