Pasture in Bloom

Pasture in Bloom

Painting Date
1st of April 1887
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4-1-1887 Pasture in Bloom Painting, Oil on Canvas Paris: Spring, 1887 Kr¶ller-M¼ller Museum Otterlo, The Netherlands, Europe F: 583, JH: 1263

Uncovering Lost Painting of Vincent van Gogh
Andrei Brasoveanu ’09 (undergraduate) and Ingrid Daubechies (faculty)
Department of Mathematics, Program in Applied and Computational Mathematics
Around 1885, Vincent van Gogh painted the portrait of a woman and then later reused this canvas, painting over her portrait to create “Pasture in Bloom,” a painting found today in the Kroller-Muller Museum in Otterlo, The Netherlands.

Following X-ray and chemical analysis performed at a laboratory in Delft, The Netherlands, a fragment of the original portrait was revealed. Our work was to first reconstruct digitally the gray-scale version of this portrait, by registering it to the pasture painting, by identifying and removing grass and flower traces, and by filling in the regions lacking content. Afterward, we needed to bring the portrait to life by coloring it using local pigment information and color distributions from similar portraits produced in the same period by the artist.

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