The Ravoux Inn

The Ravoux Inn

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1st of July 1890
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Historical Photographs
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Historical photograph of the Ravoux Inn in Auvers Sur Oise around 1890 when Vincent lived and painted there.

From left to right: Arthur Gustave Ravoux, Germaine Ravoux, Raoul Levert, Adeline Ravoux. Vincent Levert may be one of the three men sitting on the right (© Van Gogh Museum).



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On his arrival in Auvers-sur-Oise on 20 May 1890, Vincent rented a room on the second floor of Auberge Ravoux in Place de la Mairie. Dr Gachet had advised him to use the village’s other inn, Saint-Aubin in Rue de Pontoise, but at six francs a night, Vincent found it too expensive. Arthur Gustave Ravoux and his wife, Adeline Louise Touillet, charged just three and a half francs per night – still more than Vincent had hoped to pay.

He led an orderly life at Auberge Ravoux, rising at five every morning and going out to paint. He came back for lunch at noon precisely, spent the afternoon working on his paintings in the “painters’ room” downstairs in the lobby, ate dinner with the other lodgers, and went to bed around nine. He had stopped drinking alcohol and was in good spirits. Two other artists, the Dutch painter Anton Hirschig and the Spaniard Martinez de Valdivielse, were staying in the inn, and Vincent often spoke with them about art.

Vincent was hugely productive in Auvers. In three months, he completed almost seventy paintings. Along with numerous landscapes, he made portraits, including one of Adeline Ravoux, the innkeepers’ 13-year-old daughter. He gave her the work afterward. The Ravouxs later also received the work Auvers Town Hall.

On 27 July, Vincent went into the fields to paint, as he did every day, but this time things ended differently. He attempted to kill himself. He returned to Auberge Ravoux that evening with a gunshot wound to the chest and stumbled toward his room. Mr Ravoux notified a doctor and remained with Vincent until his brother could get there from Paris. Vincent died on 29 July in room five of the hotel with Theo by his side. His body was placed on a bier downstairs in the painters’ room until the burial on 30 July. Artist friends who had come from Paris hung his paintings in the room.

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Auvers Sur Oise

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