Self-Portrait with a Japanese Print

Self-Portrait with a Japanese Print

Painting Date
1st of December 1887
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This late 1887 work with a background containing an impression of a Japanese print hanging behind the artist shows Vincents efforts to incorporate many of the new techniques and styles he has been exposed to in Paris.  December has always been a very difficult month for him and this painting is created in that cold Parisian month.  He juxtaposes blues and orange against a backdrop of browns with brushstrokes in sections of the background going in similar directions aligned next to sections going in different ones.


more impressionist palette of blues, oranges and broad impressionistic brushstrokes


Painting, Oil on Canvas
Paris: December, 1887
Basle Offentliche Kunstsammlung Kunstmuseum Basel (on loan from the Emily Dreyfus Foundation)
Basel, Switzerland, Europe
F: 319, JH: 1333

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