Self-Portrait with Straw Hat

Self-Portrait with Straw Hat

Painting Date
1st of July 1887
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Royal Blue smock, dark green eyes – troubled perhaps?  beard a little longer but trimmed neatly.  Bright yellow with white and khaki horizontal strokes.  brown orange “v” strokes above hat on a deeper blue background with touches of royal blue in smock at top right. peaches and light yellows radiate in strokes out from the eyes to the forehead and down to the artists vertically stroked whiskers and moustache in yellow.  Smock is done in smudge-like strokes with some light blue reflection off the artist’s left shoulder.


Painting, Oil on Canvas
Paris: Summer, 1887
The Detroit Institute of Arts
Detroit, Michigan, United States of America, North America
F: 526, JH: 1309

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