Self-Portrait with Straw Hat

Self-Portrait with Straw Hat

Painting Date
1st of July 1887
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Lower face at an odd angle – very thin almost disfigured trimmed beard and moustache.  Straw hat, smock with green cravat

Background of cascading blues from blue-black to cobalt to lavender in horizontals at top then diagonals from center down almost merging with smock diagonals.  Hats yellow with sky blue halo then cobalt background and black of pupils matches black of background.  Smock of similar color to background but lighter in effect, green of cravat reflecting off artist’s right shoulder and above his eyebrows.


Painting, Oil on Canvas
Paris: Summer, 1887
Van Gogh Museum
Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Europe
F: 61v, JH: 1302

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