Sheaves of Wheat

Sheaves of Wheat

Painting Date
1st of July 1890
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7-1-1890 Sheaves of Wheat Painting, Oil on Canvas Auvers-sur-Oise: July, 1890 Dallas Museum of Art–the Wendy and Emery Reves Collection Dallas, Texas, United States of America, North America F: 771, JH: 2125

One of Van Gogh’s final works, “Sheaves of Wheat” was completed weeks before the artist’s death in July 1890. With animistic intensity, Van Gogh depicts a field of golden wheat, gathered together in freshly stacked sheaves. Other works by Van Gogh, such as “Wheat Field with a Reaper” (5-6 September 1889) and “Corn Harvest in Provence” (17-23 June 1888), help elucidate the artist¢019s vision and the aesthetic evolution of the theme. ”Van Gogh’s ‘Sheaves of Wheat’ illuminates a common motif that has universal significance as a symbol of biblical and mythical abundance,” said Dorothy Kosinski, Senior Curator of Painting and Sculpture and The Barbara Thomas Lemmon Curator of European Art at the DMA. “This exhibition examines Van Gogh’s personal obsession with the theme, which became a metaphor for the creative process and the cycle of life in the artist’s work, and contextualizes Van Gogh’s interpretations with those of other artists of the time.”

Where Vincent Was:
Auvers Sur Oise

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