Sloping Path in Montmartre

Sloping Path in Montmartre

Painting Date
1st of April 1886
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View of people walking along a picket lined path with an oil or gas lamp in Montmartre. A thicket of taller trees lies at the distant curve in the path and a fruit tree in blossom is painted left middle. The figures of a man approaching and three women at increasing distance walking away add depth and perhaps a characteristically awkward charm to the work. Vincent palette of color used in this work has already lightened compared to previous works in the north with yellows and lighter greens composing the background sky.

Location might be from somewhere around the observation deck of the Blute Fin windmill depicted in other paintings with the painter looking back towards montmartre with Paris beyond and to the right.  It might also be the path leading up to montmartre to what is now Sacre Couer and the old Square St. Pierre.

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