Still Life: Wild Flowers and Thistles in a Vase

Still Life: Wild Flowers and Thistles in a Vase

Painting Date
18th of June 1890
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Vincent painted the White House at Night at the same time as this still life in Auvers in June of 1890.


It was with pleasure that I made the acquaintance of the Dutchman, who came yesterday. He looks much too nice to be doing painting in the current conditions. If he nevertheless persists in wanting to do it I told him that he would do well to go to Brittany with Gauguin and De Haan, because he’ll live there on 3 francs a day instead of 5 francs, and will have good company.


That I myself also hope very much to join them, since Gauguin is going there. I was really pleased to learn that they’re going to renew their attempt there. Certainly you’re right that it’s better for Gauguin than staying in Paris. Very pleased, too, that he likes the head of that Arlésienne. I really hope to do a few etchings of subjects from the south, let’s say 6, since I can print them free of charge at Mr Gachet’s; he’s very willing to run them off for nothing if I do them. It’s certainly a thing that must be done, and we’ll act in such a way that in some way it forms a sequel to the Lauzet-Monticelli publication, if you approve. And Gauguin will probably engrave a few of his canvases in combination with me. His painting which belongs to you, and especially for the rest of the Martinique things.
Which plates Mr Gachet will also print off for us. Of course we’ll leave him free to run off copies for himself. Mr Gachet will come one day to see my canvases in Paris, and then we’d choose the ones to be engraved. At the moment I have two studies on the go – one a bouquet of wild plants, thistles, ears of wheat, leaves of different types of greenery. One almost red, the other very green, the other yellowing.
The second study a white house amid greenery with a star in the night sky and an orange light at the window and dark greenery and a sombre pink note.9


To Theo. Auvers-sur-Oise, Tuesday, 17 June 1890.


Painting, Oil on Canvas
Auvers-sur-Oise: June, 1890
Private collection
F: ;763, ;JH: ;2030

Where Vincent Was:
Auvers Sur Oise

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