Thatched Sandstone Cottages in Chaponval

Thatched Sandstone Cottages in Chaponval

Painting Date
1st of July 1890
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The picture Thatched Roofs near Auvers is one of van Gogh’s very last paintings; in the last letter he sent to his brother Theo, three days before committing suicide, he sketched out the composition with its daringly exaggerated lines of force. Seen from a symbolic psychological perspective the boundless preponderance of falling diagonals is overwhelming. The children — the red-haired boy has been interpreted as a reference to van Gogh himself — appear to be trapped in a thoroughly hopeless situation.

7-1-1890 Thatched Sandstone Cottages in Chaponval Painting, Oil on Canvas Auvers-sur-Oise: July, 1890 Kunsthaus Zurich Zurich, Switzerland, Europe F: 780, JH: 2115

Where Vincent Was:
Auvers Sur Oise

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