The White Orchard

The White Orchard

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6th of April 1888
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One of his favorites from all of his work in Arles.

Part of a tryptych: The three orchards reproduced in the letter sketch Three orchards (F – / JH 1393) are The pink orchard (F 555 / JH 1380 [2578]), Pink peach trees (F 404 / JH 1391 [2588]) – Pink peach trees (‘Souvenir de Mauve’) (F 394 / JH 1379 [2577]) seems unlikely because Van Gogh wanted to give it away – and The white orchard (F 403 / JH 1378 [2576]). See exhib. cat. Amsterdam 1990, p. 104.  to theo april 13

At present I’m working on some yellow-white plum trees with thousands of black branches – to theo April 9.

Today has been a good day too. This morning I worked on an orchard of plum trees in blossom2 — suddenly a tremendous wind began to blow, an effect I’d only ever seen here — and came back again at intervals. In the intervals, sunshine that made all the little white flowers sparkle. It was so beautiful! My friend the Dane3 came to join me, and at risk and peril every moment of seeing the whole lot of it on the ground I carried on painting — in this white effect there’s a lot of yellow with blue and lilac, the sky is white and blue. But as for the execution of what we do out of doors like this, what will they say? Well, let’s wait and see.  – to theo April 11.

You can see from the four squares on the other side4 that the three orchards5 go together, more or less. I now also have a small pear tree, vertical,6 also flanked by two other horizontal canvases.7 That will make 6 canvases of orchards in blossom.  to theo april 13

Have nine orchards on the go; one white, one pink, one almost red pink, one white and blue, one pink and grey, one green and pink – to Emile April 19th

Then the series of orchards5 — I think the white orchard of which I sent you pen drawing6 and the largest of all in pink and green on absorbent canvas7 are the best.  – to Theo May 10

I think that for the white orchard we need a cold and raw white frame – to theo May 28.

So if you see Bague, explain to him that, coming to a countryside that was quite new to me, I began to do studies right and left, of which I’ve sent you two consignments. But that if there are paintings among them, there are 2 or three of them at most.
So, the white orchard, the large pink orchard and the harvest with a ruin in the background. – to theo October 10

For the Independents, it seems to me that six paintings is too many by half. To my taste the harvest11 and the white orchard12 are enough, with the little Provençal girl13 or the sower14 if you want. But it’s all the same to me. I just really want one day to give you a more consolatory impression in our trade of painting in which we work, by means of a collection of around 30 more serious studies.- to theo, Feb 3, 1889


Painting, Oil on Canvas – 60 x 81 cm – 25 Paysage
Arles: April 6, 1888
Van Gogh Museum
Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Europe
F: 403, JH: 1378

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