Tree Trunks with Ivy

Tree Trunks with Ivy

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15th of July 1889
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Not referenced specifically in any letters, this painting was most likely completed in July, around the same time as other undergrowth and ivy and tree trunk views in the garden of of the hospital of Saint Paul de Mausole. Vincent painted the ivy growing over the tree trunks in the asylum at Saint Remy in June and July of 1889.  He had experimented in Paris with a similar subject and that work is included in the related items.  Also included is a photograph from the Kroller Muller of Tree Trunks with Ivy.

“Thick tree-trunks covered with ivy, the ground also covered with ivy and periwinkle, a stone bench and a bush of roses, blanched in the cold shadow. In the foreground a few plants with white calyxes. It’s green, violet and pink. It’s just a question — which is unfortunately lacking in chromos from a penny bazaar and barrel organs — of putting in some style.  Since I’ve been here, the neglected garden planted with tall pines under which grows tall and badly tended grass intermingled with various weeds, has provided me with enough work, and I haven’t yet gone outside.”

To Theo. Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, on or about Thursday, 23 May 1889

Painting, Oil on Canvas – 45 x 60 cm Size 12 Paysage
Saint-Rémy: July, 1889
Kröller-Müller Museum
Otterlo, The Netherlands, Europe
F: 747, JH: 1763

Where Vincent Was:
Saint Remy

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