The Plain of Auvers with Wheat Field

The Plain of Auvers with Wheat Field

"the horizontal landscape with the fields, a subject like one of Michel’s – but then the coloration is soft green, yellow and green-blue" Vincent to Theo and Jo, July 2, 1890
Painting Date
24th of June 1890
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This vista is one of Vincent’s favorite spots in Auvers, a view of a vast plain of wheat fields going off into the distance.  He depicts this perspective and other nearby views in the varying stages of harvest in his last spring and early summer, those of 1890.  He has painted this day just after a rain and has chosen his color palette to suit how the day felt to him – yellows, greens and green-blue with a field of pinkish lavender aligned next to an equally powerful vertically stroked field of yellow.  The eye is drawn to the distant horizon with its troubled skies but somehow optimistic to most. The brush strokes are varied with vertical, diagonal and some squiggly lines composing the near and distant fields with cloisonne-esque outlines dividing many of them.  The sky is done in horizontal blue strokes with dabbled deep green trees whose color is replicated in the varied strokes at the viewers feet.  Reds and whites dabbled and pasted in on the background of deep and olive greens with a pale yellow haystack at left.

This painting was most likely done as part of a series meant to display concurrently (along with Undergrowth with Figures and Landscape with Chateau of Auvers at Sunset).  All of these compositions were done on “double wide” canvases (two 20 x 20 inch canvases side by side together)

“the horizontal landscape with the fields, a subject like one of Michel’s – but then the coloration is soft green, yellow and green-blue” : July 2, 1890 Vincent to Theo and Jo.  Georges Michel, a painter of landscapes around Montmartre in the early 19th century, was well known and loved by the Van Gogh brothers from their days on Rue Lepic.

Related Images:  The painting is a landscape by Michel called “Paysage pres de Montmartre“.  The drawing is a sketch of the painting scene which is very close to the same perspective as the painting except in the painting Vincent has chosen to move the lavender colored plowed field to just left of center instead of centered as in the sketch.

“Then I have a canvas one metre long by only 50 centimetres high, of fields of wheat, and one that makes a pendant of undergrowth, lilac trunks of poplars, and underneath them some flower-dotted grass, pink, yellow, white and various greens.”

To Theo. Auvers-sur-Oise, Tuesday, 24 June 1890

Painting, Oil on Canvas – 50 x 101 cm Size 40 en Longeur
Auvers-sur-Oise: June 24, 1890
Österreichische Galerie Belvedere
Vienna, Austria, Europe
F: 775, JH: 2038


Where Vincent Was:
Auvers Sur Oise

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