Windmill on Montmartre

Windmill on Montmartre

Painting Date
1st of October 1886
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Vincent’s view from behind of a figure walking up steps towards the Moulin Blute Fin mill. The view is towards the south-southeast and the stairs leading up to the observation platforms are just visible to the right of the figure walking. A bright blue sky takes up nearly a third of the canvas with some light white clouds.  Varying greens are used throughout the depictions of tree trunks, leaves, rails, shrubs and finally the old mill itself.  The sails of the Blute Fin and two French flags are all blowing in the breeze from Paris as the figure approaches the top of the stairway.

Painting, Oil on Canvas
Paris: Autumn, 1886
Destroyed by fire in 1967
F: 271, JH: 1186

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