January, 1879 – Preaches to miners in the Borinage region

January, 1879 – Preaches to miners in the Borinage region

Is appointed for six months as an evangelist in the Borinage, starting on 1 February. He is to give Bible readings, teach and visit the sick (FR b2456-b2457).

Reads Beecher Stowe’s Uncle Tom’s cabin and Dickens’s Hard times (152, 153).

Early August
Leaves for Cuesmes, where he lodges with the evangelist-miner Edouard Joseph Francq, 5 rue du Pavillon (153). He is now mainly preoccupied with drawing.

Sends his first drawings to Tersteeg (221).

10 August
Visit from Theo (154). There is no more contact between the brothers until June 1880 as a result of a difference of opinion over Vincent’s future (155).

15-after 19 August
In Etten, where he spends his time reading Dickens (FR b2492).

About 1 November
Theo moves to Paris, where he is given a permanent position with Goupil & Cie. He again rents a room from Mrs Remilleret, 46 rue de la Tour d’Auvergne (FR b3106).

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