January 1880 – Living in Cuesmes, Theo supporting financially

January 1880 – Living in Cuesmes, Theo supporting financially

Vincent reads Hugo’s Le dernier jour d’un condamné and Shakespeare’s Henry IV and King Lear (158).

Early March
Travels on foot to Courrières in northern France and sees the studio of Jules Breton, but does not dare make himself known (158, 391).

11 March-May or June (?)
In Etten (FR b2496).

Theo makes a financial contribution to Vincent’s upkeep, which Vincent does not acknowledge until June (155).

Vincent lodges with the mine-worker Charles Decrucq, 3 rue du Pavillon in Cuesmes (155, 156).

Finally decides to become an artist, probably on Theo’s advice (156, 214).

Reads Cassagne, Guide de l’alphabet du dessin (158).

Moves to Brussels, 72 boulevard du Midi (159). On Theo’s advice pays visits to the painters Willem Roelofs and Anthon van Rappard, who are living in Brussels (160).

End of October
Sends two drawings to his father (160).

15 December
Enrols for the drawing course at the Académie Royale des Beaux-Arts in Brussels (160). It is not known whether he ever attended any lessons.

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