January 1881 – Takes drawing lessons in winter and works in Rappard’s studio

January 1881 – Takes drawing lessons in winter and works in Rappard’s studio

1 February
Theo is appointed manager of the Goupil branch at 19 boulevard Montmartre in Paris, and assumes responsibility for Vincent’s upkeep by sending money to his parents (FR b2235).

Takes drawing lessons from a painter, probably Jan Madiol (163, 164, FR b2235).

End of March – end of April
Works in Van Rappard’s studio (164).

Visits the Musée des Beaux-Arts in Brussels (164).

12-17 April
In Etten (165). Theo is also there for Easter (165, 166).

End of April
Visits the exhibition of the Société Royale Belge des Aquarellistes in the Palais des Beaux-Arts. Moves from Brussels back home to Etten (166).

Reads a number of French and English novels, among them Shirley and Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë, Illusions perdues and Le père Goriot by Balzac, and the Goncourts’ Gavarni – l’homme et l’oeuvre (174).

Around mid-June
Van Rappard comes to stay in Etten for 12 days (168).

Last weeks of July
Theo is in Etten (170).

Falls in love with his cousin Kee Vos (Uncle Stricker’s widowed daughter), who is staying in the parsonage with the Van Gogh family. He makes a marriage proposal to her, but she turns him down (179, 180).

Re-reads Michelet’s L’amour and La femme (186).

23-25 August
Visits Mauve in The Hague. Meets Théophile de Bock and shows his studies to Johannes Bosboom.

Goes with De Bock to see the Panorama Mesdag and the sixth exhibition of the Hollandsche Teeken-Maatschappij (Dutch drawing society). Travels on to Dordrecht and visits the Schielandhuis in Rotterdam (175).

End of October
Visit from Anthon van Rappard (176, 178).

10 or 11 November
Vincent sends Theo several drawings (182).

23 November
Tells Theo he has sent Mauve a drawing (189).

24-27 November
In Amsterdam, where he visits his uncle and aunt Stricker, and tries in vain to see Kee Vos (193).

Reads Michelet, Du prêtre, de la femme, de la famille (193).

27 November-about 21 December
Stays in The Hague. Mauve gives him lessons in watercolouring and painting in oils (191, 192).

About 22 December
Back in Etten (193).

25 December
Moves to The Hague following a furious row with his father (194). From now on receives his allowance directly and solely from Theo.

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