January 1883 – Draws and paints in The Hague, leaves for Drenthe in Autumn

January 1883 – Draws and paints in The Hague, leaves for Drenthe in Autumn

3 January
Sends Theo 2 drawings (298).

5 or 6 January
Sends Theo 5 drawings (299, 300).

3 February
Has sent his father a drawing (306).

About 1 March
Sends Theo a watercolour (322).

About 4 March
Sends Theo a drawing (324).

About 21 March
Re-reads George Eliot’s Felix Holt, the radical (332).

Reads Eliot’s Middlemarch (316). Re-reads Carlyle’s Sartor resartus (274, 325) and Hugo’s Notre-Dame de Paris and Les misérables (318, 333).

Shortly before 20 May
Visit from Van Rappard (343).

About 21 May
Visits Van Rappard at his studio in Utrecht (344).

Paints with Herman van der Weele in the dunes, and works in De Bock’s studio in Scheveningen (347, 360).

About 25 July
Writes to tell Theo that all his paintings and drawings are henceforth Theo’s property (367).

Visits the second exhibition of work from the Koninklijk Genootschap van Nederlandsche Aquarellisten (370).

17 August
Visit from Theo (373).

Shortly before 21 August
Visit from Van Rappard (378).

23-29 August
Sends more than 20 drawings to Uncle Cor, who takes them on commission (379, 380, 384).

Early September
Decides to leave The Hague for the countryside, and ends his relationship with Sien (382, 383).

11 September
Departs for Hoogeveen, Drenthe, where he stays in Albertus Hartsuiker’s lodging-house, Grote Kerksteeg 51 (385).

24 September
Sends Theo 3 paintings (389).

Re-reads Carlyle’s On heroes, hero-worship and the heroic in history (395).

2 October-4 December
Stays in Nieuw-Amsterdam/Veenoord in the lodging-house run by Hendrik Scholte, E34 (392, 409).

12 or 13 November
Sends Theo 6 paintings to be shown to the art dealer E.J. van Wisselingh (406).

5 December
Goes to live with his parents once again. They are now living in Nuenen, where they had moved the previous year. (409).

7 December
Sends Theo 2 drawings (FR b2248).

The mangle room is turned into his studio (413).

20-24 December
Visits Van Rappard in Utrecht. Travels on to The Hague to collect drawings and studies and to see Sien (416, FR b2250). –

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