January 1884 – Living with parents in Nuenen, Theo sends allowance, Vincent sends art work

January 1884 – Living with parents in Nuenen, Theo sends allowance, Vincent sends art work

15 January
Proposes to Theo that he accept the works he sends him as his own property. In return, Vincent will henceforth consider his monthly allowance as ‘money I’ve earned’ (422).

13 February
Sends Theo 3 paintings and 9 watercolours (429).

Transcribes poems by François Coppée and Jules Breton in letters to Theo and Van Rappard (430, 433, 435).

End of February
Sends Theo a watercolour and 5 drawings (432).

Early March
Sends Van Rappard several drawings (437).

Second week of March
Sends Theo a drawing (434).

About 13 March
Sends Van Rappard 7 drawings (437).

About 21-28 March
Sends Van Rappard 3 drawings (441).

First half of May
Rents studio space from the Catholic sacristan Johannes Schafrat at Heieind 540 in Nuenen (446).

About 17 May
Van Rappard comes to stay in Nuenen for around ten days (446, 447).

About 28 May
Sends Theo the drawings that Van Rappard has returned (447).

Reads Blanc’s Les artistes de mon temps and Grammaire des arts du dessin, architecture, sculpture, peinture, and Fromentin’s Les maîtres d’autrefois (449, 454, 450).

1 June
Theo spends Whitsun in Nuenen (449).

Has a relationship with a neighbour, Margot Begemann, who has taken over his mother’s sewing class while she is recovering from a broken leg (469).

Early August
Retired goldsmith Antoon Hermans commissions a series of paintings from him (453).

Gives painting lessons to Dimmen Gestel (FR b3039).

About 15-20 August
Theo is in Nuenen (453, b2256).

Mid-September-early October
Margot tries to commit suicide and is taken to a doctor in Utrecht. Vincent visits her there and thinks of marrying her (456, 458, 469, FR b2257).

Early October
Reads Zola’s Au bonheur des dames (464).

About 14 October-1 November
Van Rappard comes to stay in Nuenen (FR b2259, b2260).

Gives lessons in still-life painting to Hermans, Anton Kerssemakers, a tanner, and Willem van de Wakker, telegraph operator (469, 471).

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