This is a newsletter test

This is a newsletter test

Section One – What we’ve been up to:
a)  New Content
b)  Revised and Updated Content
c)  New Features – just in and forthcoming
d)  “We’re Listening to You”  –  upgrades and fixes driven by user feedback

Section Two – Vincent in the News
a)  News Stories from the past month’s digital and print news and art media
b)  Museum Stories – restorations, vincent related efforts underway or in planning
c)  Sales of pieces at auction

Section Three – Vincent this month Around the World
a)  Exhibitions at Museums, events concerning Vincent
b)  Auctions upcoming and pieces being put up for sale

Section Four – What was Vincent doing this month in 1887 paris, 1888 Arles, 1889 St Remy, 1890 Auvers
a)  Weather in each one of these snapshot time and location frames – almanac style-old script font and yellowed background
b)  Music and literature of the time?
c)  Other artists and their works created this month

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