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Your footpath through Vincents life, work and painting locations

The creation of Vincent in Paris was fueled by a great curiosity about, and desire to stand in, the footprints of Vincent Van Gogh.  We sought to Geo-locate where his easel was planted when he painted his many landscapes in Paris and its outskirts and Arles and St. Remy in Provence.  The application was created to allow for anyone with a tablet or a smartphone, laptop or desktop to be able to trace Vincent’s footsteps and see a high quality image of the painting or sketch he created while standing where Vincent once stood — and then learn more about what was going on in France, his life and his painting technique in real time if the explorer desires.

We sought to create an application for like minded appreciators of Vincent’s creative genius.  A place where they could share their thoughts and photos of the landscape perspectives they seek out, and capture and share with friends and family.  We seek to create community around the work and life and beauty created by a man who was shunned and failure ridden for much of his life but persevered and pushed art in new directions.  We seek to help build the very community he worked so hard to create but could not attain in his lifetime.  And we seek to bring beauty into the daily lives of our community, for the sake of art and beauty and its place in wellness and mental health.Vincent in Paris links the researcher or casual user with the most respected and valuable existing information available digitally.

We use Vincent’s own words, having researched and extracted them and when possible, traced them to works of art about which he wrote in the volume of letters exchanged between Vincent the artist and Theo his brother and Paris art dealer. We seek to allow the user and others to better feel what Vincent was trying to achieve and what his thoughts were at the time each painting was created.

We attempt to show the trail of history of  each work,  its provenance and work directly with the information and imagery presented by the museums currently housing the works.  We provide maps with audio guidance and narrative so users can follow Vincent’s footsteps and arrive at various painting locations on a “day trip” or tour of their desired length via interactive maps.

We provide maps showing where you can visit museums housing the works and which are closest to you at whatever location you may be with your smart device.  We encourage our community and audience to go see Vincent’s paintings in the institutions that house them and support these museums and are confident your experience will increase manyfold when you see Vincent’s work in person.

We also seek to provide a gamut of descriptive and explanatory dialogue about the works of art.  We seek to provide a framework within which the community of Van Gogh fans and students can add to the collective learning about Vincent and bring beauty into our users lives every day through Vincent’s unique views of the world he saw and captured.  Bon Voyage!

In regard to donations: There are many hours behind the scenes of Vincent that go uncompensated with contributors being volunteers at this point.  We hope that if you are in a position to, please donate a dollar or two if you like what you have seen and would like to encourage more of it.  With grace and thanks, the team at VincentInParis.com

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