The featured sketch was drawn by Vincent during the two months he lived in Ramsgate in early 1876.

After being given his notice by Goupil, Vincent, now 23 years old, begins searching in the jobs listings advertised in the English newspapers.  He receives word back from schoolteacher William Stokes that he can begin on a probationary basis without pay.  The school is in Ramsgate, a port town on the eastern coast of England.  Vincent begins on April 16th and teaches French and Mathematics to boys between 10 and 14 who are from the rough streets of London.  He also lives with the boys in their rather run down dwelling and cares for their needs at night and takes them for walks and talks around town the countryside.  Within two months of Vincent’s hire, Stokes will decide to move the school to Isleworth and Vincent will move as well.

1-14 April

Is in Etten. Theo joins him there on 8 April (74, FR b956).

14 April

Leaves for Ramsgate to take up a position as an assistant teacher at William Stokes’s boarding school for boys. Lodges at 11 Spencer Square, Ramsgate, UK.