A well dressed woman is shown seated at a small round table painted on the edge like a tambourine, smoking a cigarette and staring to the right of the viewer. She has the casual but powerful presence of the owner or manager of the establishment, at this time on the Boulevard de Clichy. The woman depicted is Agostina Segatori, the owner of this cafe frequented by Van Gogh and other of his Cormon studio friends. According to Emile Bernard in a letter written after Vincent’s death “The artist paid for his meals with flower still lifes, which were then hung on the walls.”  In the background of this portrait, examples of Vincent’s beloved Japanese prints and his impressions of them can be seen on the walls of the cafe. “When I was in Paris I always hoped to have a showroom of my own in a café; you know that that fell through.  The exhibition of Japanese prints that I had at the Tambourin had quite an influence on Anquetin and Bernard, but it was such a disaster.”  Vincent to Theo, July 15, 1888.     Painting, Oil on Canvas 55.5 x 46.5 cm. Paris, France: February – March , 1887 Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Europe F: 370, JH: 1208