Used by early travelers coming out of Death Valley and Mojave Desert, visible for many miles.   Street View from 395 just south of Cuddleback Road underpass  
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No. 41 Fremont Peak (4,584′) California

This guide is based on a Sage article by Bob Michael.

Topo Map: Fremont Peak 7½ Coordinates: Lat 35 11 41 Lon 117 27 16 Trip Stats: unknown


Access is via the Fremont Peak Road which takes off from 395, 13 miles N of Kramer Junction. This wide, good but rather sandy dirt road heads almost straight at the peak. From this side, the peak is not a point, but a broad spearhead. The road becomes somewhat sandier as one proceeds east. A 4WD or a non-timid 2WD driver could easily make it to the Monarch Rand Mine, less than 1/2 mile from the peak.


From the mine, a trail goes to some diggings on the W ridge of the peak; the route continues up the ridge, then veers onto the SW flank of the peak , and finishes up a delightful, solid class 2 chute which deposits you right onto the white granite boulders of the airy summit. Just a little gem of a peak!


For many years, I’ve been fascinated by this pretty little peak which from some angles (such as the southeast) rises to a geometrically perfect, symmetrical point. I lies between Kramer Junction and Randsburg, in a “blank spot” of the Mojave map, very far indeed from any DPS listed peaks – although not too far south of HPS Red Mountain.

The expansive views from the summit in all directions are of a part of the Mojave that the DPS doesn’t see much of, including the “terra incognita” of the Randsburg Wash Test Range just to the E; very prominent is the truncated cone and variegated “squaw skirt” flanks of Pilot Knob, which might be on, someone’s List if the military hadn’t sealed it off. There is also the best view I’ve had of the old natural route into southwestern Death Valley via Wingate Wash, the old 20 mule-team route.