Lautrec at same time – last visit to paris for vincent, sees this:   unknown.jpg$ Marguerite Gachet au piano, 1890 (June 26 to 27) The painting was created during van Gogh’s stay in Auvers-sur-Oise, a north-west of Paris place. There he was broken in May 1890 to embark in the treatment of Paul Gachet. Gachet was one of the first collectors of Impressionist art, in Auvers, he had a small studio set up in which he painted and etched. In the depicted person is one of the two children of verwiteten Gachet, Maguerite Gachet (1869-1949, in some sources: 1871-1949). Only she was living with him. In the early summer of 1890 Gachet van Gogh had shown an etching, which he had in 1873, made ​​by his wife, the mother of Marguerite. It shows the mother playing the piano and is generally regarded as a trigger for van Gogh’s composition. Van Gogh’s letters to his brother Theo leave the steps of the paintings creation become tangible. On June 4, 1890 van Gogh reported by the opportunity to portray the daughter Gachet: “I’ll probably also make a portrait of his daughter, who is nineteen years old, […]” (Vincent van Gogh All the letters on. his brother Theo, Berlin / Zurich 1965-68, Vol. 4, p 376-378, p 377, letter no. 638, June 4, 1890). On June 24, he informed Theo that he now only has to wait a week to start with the portrait of Marguerite can: “Next week I’ll hopefully Miss Gachet portrait, and maybe I get a peasant girl as a model”. (Vincent van Gogh All letters. To his Brother Theo, Berlin / Zurich 1965-68, Vol. 4, p 382-383, p 382, letter no. 644, June 24, 1890). In another undated letter he expresses himself retrospectively portraiture and opened Theo his thoughts on format selection and grouping of this painting: “Yesterday and the day I have the portrait of Mademoiselle Gachet painted, that you will hopefully soon see, the dress is pink, . green to paint the wall in the background with orange spots, the carpet red with green dots, the piano dark purple the figure has made ​​me joy -.., but it’s hard He has promised me that she again is me on the harmonium model I also wants a make for you. – I’m figured out that this is doing very well next to another in widescreen, grain fields – because that’s a picture portrait, pink, the other pale green and yellow-green to pink complementary color, but as far as it is far, that the people had for the strange relations understanding that. between a piece of nature and made ​​another and explain each other better and bring to bear “(Vincent van Gogh All letters. To his Brother Theo, Berlin / Zurich 1965-68, Vol. 4, p 383, letter no. 645). Van Gogh Marguerite potr¤tierte at least one more time (“Mademoiselle Gachet dans son jardin   Auvers”, Mus©e d’Orsay, Paris, F 756). The illustration at the piano he gave the sitter. She kept it in her own room for so long until it offered her brother Paul for sale. A delegation of the Basel Art Commission, consisting of the Director Otto Fischer and Rudolf Staechelin traveled to Auvers and appraised the painting, which was acquired in 1934 for the Department of Modern Public Art Collection Basel.   Painting, Oil on Canvas Auvers-sur-Oise: June, 1890 Offentliche Kunstsammlung, Kunstmuseum Basel Basel, Switzerland, Europe F: 772, JH: 2048