I haven’t sent you any more sketches recently – I’m waiting now until you come here yourself – it’s better that way. Am busy with figures, and also with a couple of landscapes of a nursery here in Schenkweg.
Since when, I’d like to know, is one allowed to force or try to force an artist to change either his working method or his ideas? I find it very rude to try such a thing, especially if it’s someone like Tersteeg, who has the presumption to think he has ‘manners’.
Theo, if you can send me something, do, and every day earlier that you can send it is one day less of unpleasantness for me. Oh well, it’s back to work in any case. Adieu, write soon.
Ever yours,

To Theo. The Hague, Friday, 24 March 1882

  Drawing, Pencil, pen, black chalk, heightened with white The Hague: April, 1882 The Metropolitan Museum of Art New York, New York, United States of America, North America F: ;930, ;JH: ;138