On the Southeast corner of the property, just below the golf course sat the first Municipal Airfield in the United States. Cecil Demille (2nd from bottom left in photo) and club members D.M. Linnard and John Coulston, owner of the Maryland and other Pasadena Hotels at the time wanted to capitalize on this golden age of aviation. A large “T” can be seen plainly on the hill just east of Eaton Canyon in the heyday of the airport as the bi-planes and single wing aircraft pilots of the time lined themselves up for landing on the relative smooth natural upslope of the property. Within two years, Mercury Aviation, owned by Demille, folded and with it went the lower 50 acres of airfield. The same afternoon breeze which cools the players on course today must have been smiled upon for takeoffs as the early matadors of the air plied their trade on the alluvial fan upon which the course and airfield sat. Get article detailing one of the pilots landing on hill street without permission “just to see if he could do it” and then having the plan towed down mendocino and back to the airfield for the flight home.