RED MOUNTAIN as a town is the latest of names for the community that grew up around the big silver strike in the Rand district. Originally there were two settlements Hampton and Osdick. Osdick was known by several names such as Inn City, Gin City and Sin City.According to local lore an old man called “Daddy Shaw” hung up a sign on his place that said “Always In” as he had little to do and looked after things when his friends and neighbors were not around.  Another man, who was always out doing something, hung up a sign that said “Seldom In”.  Others soon followed suit and soon almost every cabin around had a sign incorporating the word “IN” or Inn”.  Thus the area came to be called Inn City unofficially, which was then corrupted to “Sin City” because of the wide-open disregard for the liquor and gambling laws.  The Barstow Printer reported in October of 1921 that “A new town, known as Inn Town, has come to life at the Osdick switch, with Jay Shaw, formerly of Atolia, as Mayor by general consent.  Dave Greathouse is the pioneer house builder of the new town, and is father to the name “Inn Town”  He having labeled his house “Seldon Inn.”  due to the fact that he worked a full shift in the Grady Mine, and was the Beau Brummell of the Four Hundred set during non-work hours.” In 1922 the United States Post Office Department gave the name of Osdick some legitimacy by establishing a post office for the area in that settlement. Until this time all the mail was addressed to Randsburg, and the name of Randsburg was a hard habit to kick. The Bakersfield Californian almost always referred to these settlements as Randsburg. In 1929 the Post Office Department decided that the area needed a new name and designated it Red Mountain.