Still getting settled in his first few months in Paris, Vincent is painting in an apartment he shares with his brother Theo on the Rue Laval in Montmartre.  He is still using a palette with the colors of the masters of the Netherlands and seeking a comfortable blend in the browns and varying reds.  The subject in the painter’s mirror has a look of determination in the eyes caught in many of Vincent’s self-portraits.  He is neatly trimmed and in a fashionable hat, having changed his daily appearance considerably since coming to Paris from Antwerp in roughshod clothing and poor health. Portrait of the artist by himself, with a hat defeutre By the spring of 1886 Oil on canvas H. 4l; L. 52.5 Amsterdam, Rijksmuseum Vincent van_ (Vincent van Gogh Foundation;. Inv s F 208; Van Gogh painted CdA239 at least twenty-five self-portraits during his stay in Paris, much more than at any other time his career – number that seems all the more important if it is compared with the production of his contemporaries The example presented here is among the very first run after his arrival in Paris: the pose is similar to the Portrait of. artist by himself at his easel (F 181, Rijksmuseum Vincent van Gogh) but it is a truncated version: the pattern is seen more closely and shows only the shoulders and head turned three quarters in an attitude that would later dominate his self-portraits. This table is quite the romantic-realist tradition. The dark color is lightened by the light that illuminates the upper right side of the face and contrast Additional: Porangé beard and blue choker. It is arguable that van Gogh was inspired by the art of portraiture p.eiTespÏférés’ Rembrandt and Delacroix, bienqu’ici order sought aitDlutìt f tédJls! LlsentersïunasPectresPectablee ^ ^ vecunna Sg ^^ ^ e! D, UPTÏtacadémiquelIlvoulai ^^^^ ^ ^ rMh7L P’uc: DPC :: terom ^ “me” ^^^ ^ EMP so, progress of his artistic development & ^^ ‘Puul lt; IIlol§ner’ in some   Painting, Oil on Canvas Paris: Spring, 1886 Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Europe F: 208a, JH: 1089