Just after arriving in Paris, this is the first self portrait Vincent created in Paris.  Colors very subdued and still seeking a northern peace in their blending, Vincent will evolve from his realist roots as his exposure to the impressionists with whom his brother engages in the coming months.  He will start to add lighter and more varied colors to his painting palette as he heads out to paint in the same locations as Monet, Seurat, Signac, Renoir and Lautrec.  He will attend the Cormon school soon after his arrival and befriend a classmate of great painting talent, Emile Bernard and discuss the past, present and future of painting and impressionism. In this self portrait, again the artist captures an intensity in the eyes with browns and charcoals and brown red as an artist optimistic about the road before him is setting off on a journey.  Clad fashionably for the streets of Paris and with his familiar pipe of glowing tobacco, Vincent is eager to begin his work and feed his tremendous work ethic.   Painting, Oil on Canvas Paris: Spring, 1886 Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Europe F: 180, JH: 1194