“Then when I wrote to you I hadn’t yet done anything. Now I have a study of old thatched roofs with a field of peas in flower and some wheat in the foreground, hilly background. A study which I think you’ll like. And I perceive already that it did me good to go into the south the better to see the north. It’s as I supposed, I see violets more where they are.  Auvers is decidedly very beautiful. So much so that I think it’ll be more advantageous to work than not to work, despite all the bad luck that’s to be foreseen with paintings. It’s very colourful here – but what pretty middle-class country houses there are; much prettier than Ville-d’Avray &c., to my taste.”
Vincent to Theo, May 21, 1890
  7, 9 and 20 Rue du Gre Auvers?   Painting, Oil on Canvas Auvers-sur-Oise: May, 1890 Hermitage Museum St. Petersburg, Russia, Europe F: 750, JH: 1984