Construction begins on Gustave Eiffel’s tower of riveted steel and iron.  Eiffel has won the contract to build his iconic tower above Paris and its 1889 World’s Fair and is now faced with the challenge of building the tallest structure on the planet, eclipsing the Washington Monument by 400 feet.  Work begins in a cold late January chill with the foundations being dug and huge caissons being constructed to support the weight of the tower to come.  The Foundations will be complete in late June with the tower beginning to grow taller with each month going forward until its completion a little over two years of brave and brilliant design and construction work.  This stitched image of several photographs shows from about July of 1887 to March of 1889 – post foundation laying to completion (minus the elevators still under design/installation) of the 300 meter tower complete with searchlight.   Vincent has been in Paris for nearly 12 months when construction begins and will leave for Arles when it is about half completed.