Vincent is appointed junior apprentice at Goupil & Cie in late July at Plaats 14 in The Hague. His superior is H.G. Tersteeg. Lodges with Willem and Dina Roos at Lange Beestenmarkt 32.  Vincent’s uncle ‘Cent is a partner at Goupil and Cie and has offered to help the troubled son of his brother with a job in The Hague.  Goupil and Cie also have offices in London and Paris and in a few years, Theo, Vincent’s younger brother will eclipse his footsteps and become an early dealer and ardent supporter of impressionist and post impressionist art.

Vincent starts collecting photographs, photo-engravings and prints sold by Goupil, mostly traditional northern palettes of blended browns and Barbizon school art at this time in Goupil’s catalogue.


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