About HistoryCake's Altadena Golf Course Chronology

A new way of seeing how yesterday became today

The creation of this application was driven by a curiosity to figure out, and a desire to tell, the story of the ground beneath our feet and the people who walked it before us and shaped the land to be what it is today.  HistoryCake is a new and refreshing way to learn the history of what is around us – and provide the user with a map to locate the exact spot where things happened or old photographs were taken.  HistoryCake layers all of the segments of the past and organizes them for easy selection and review.  By linking multiple historic images and documents together contextually, a richer understanding is conveyed and a more complete and accurate story can be told.

It is our secondary mission to provide users with a new ability to analyze how man’s hand has changed the planet.  We attempt to do this without judgement, as our work is to document and geo-locate occurrences so they may be reviewed in their breadth.  Through historic imagery, HistoryCake categorizes photos from the same or similar perspective so a digital flip-book from the past to the present can be presented.  In essence, it is our hope to allow the user to be a great old oak tree on a hill above San Francisco bay and view the city grow and overtake the indiginous peoples, rise to prominence only to be felled by an earthquake and then rebuild itself to present day.  And then compare that with other cities and their histories and find those best practices which allow harmony and efficiency to dance together and give us access to the joy of life.

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